Would you recommend someone you don't know to a friend? Would you trust a supplier who doesn't know what he is talking about? We wouldn't!

This is around these two simple questions that we have built our philosophy.

To talk about you to your various targets, we have to know and understand you flawlessly : know your solution, make your strategy ours, master your messages, to be able to render these with conviction, efficiency and strength to all your audiences, and become an additional resource for your enterprise. This is also the sine qua non condition for you to obtain pertinent advice and services answering your expectations.

When we are contacting editors, we are each time putting our credibility on the line: we can't afford to damage it by not being able to answer their questions about our client, by proposing a content that is not relevant or by wasting their time. This professionalism has allowed us to build, through the years, a trusted relationship with editors. This is this relationship that we are putting at your disposal.